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Precinct One offers gloves with a variety of safety linings for your specific needs. We make gloves that work with you and help you get the job done right.

Unlined or Lined

Leather gloves we label as “unlined” have a very light, thin layer of fabric that does not provide insulation but will keep your hands from directly touching the leather and getting instantly sweaty.

The gloves we label “lined” or “mid winter” have our WonderDry TVT insulation which improves heat retention and wicks water away from the hands. A winter lined glove including a layer of Wonder Dry provides 50 grams of insulation against cold, down to 15 degrees. This non-bulky lining allows full finger dexterity and touch sensitivity. The Extreme Warmth Winter Glove (HEAT-5) has 200g of TVT insulation for further protection from cold winter air.

Kevlar and Dyneema

For most purposes, there is not a significant advantage to one material over the other; your hands will have great protection either way. A layer of either Kevlar or Dyneema built into our safety gloves offers a high level of tensile strength and abrasion resistance.

However, there are some differences that may be important to you. Kevlar offers superior heat and cold resistance, from 850ᵒF down to -320ᵒF, while Dyneema melts at 277ᵒF and cracks at -240ᵒF. Therefore, Kevlar makes a better lining for fire extraction gloves such as ADA. FIRE1. We also use it in most of our tactical and riot gloves.

Dyneema withstands bending and abrasion better than Kevlar. It’s our choice for the TEC-2 riot gloves and our MSDRY and WSDRY police gloves for superior cut, abrasion and puncture protection.

Other differences that may be significant to your job include the fact that Dyneema feels softer and lighter, and can float in water. Kevlar retains more heat and moisture. When laundering, high washing temperatures will damage Dyneema; bleach and frequent washing will destroy Kevlar.

Whichever safety lining suits your job the best, we hope you’ll find your favorite pair of gloves right here at Precinct One.

Thank you for visiting our website. Precinct One is a brand of Hugger Glove Company specifically devoted to gloves and gear for use by police, security officers, military and firefighters.

Your comfort and safety are our top priorities.

We have specially designed a range of gloves that covers various levels of heat, abrasion and cut protection to suit the needs of your job.

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We hope to do business with you soon. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or comments about Precinct One gloves.

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