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Why Water Resistant Leather

Since 1993 Hugger/Precinct One has been creating unique products for the motorcycle and police industry. Our efforts resulted in the development of water resistant Technaline Leather that repels water, retains heat and is totally water resistant. All our skins from the tannery are suspended and tested with water from 48 to 72 hours in order to know that you as a customer have the highest quality and most reliable water resistant product available. Further, safety was our other concern. We developed our own cut, abrasion, tear and puncture resistant for our police gloves.

Creating Technaline

Working with a chemist, we blended micro-adhesive liquids that permanently saturate our leather, thereby creating a water resistant barrier. The dyes used in most leather gloves are applied to the surface resulting in “black hands.”

Technaline is in the leather not on it, which makes Precinct One products incapable or bleeding. Further, our exclusive Wonder Dry insert prevents even trickle of water from reaching your hands and creates additional warmth.

Aniline Leather

At Hugger / Precinct One, we use only the highest-quality aniline leather. When this leather is combined with Technaline a non-porous, ultra-durable leather is created that lasts up to five times longer than regular leather gloves. Unlike non-Technaline leathers that break down and become hard and crusty when exposed to rain, Hugger’s Technaline leather maintains its soft and supple quality in all elements.


In 2007 we began researching fibers in order to create a superior safety insert that also offers superior comfort. We developed an exceptional glove insert that provides absolutely superior protection from cut, abrasion, tear and puncture. Further it has wonderful breathability. When you see the level5fibre hang tag you know you are surrounding your hand with superior glove protection.


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